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The entire audience sat riveted as Howie shared his stories - they were funny at times and poignant at times.  We laughed at times, we held our breath at times.  Howie did a great job opening a window, helping the audience learn about the person behind the presidency.


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Howie Franklin, Speaker Entertainer

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Howie Franklin was a huge success.  Comments from the group were all very favorable.  He was willing to do anything we wanted.  I escorted him around our "Table Fair" and introduced him to attendees as we went.


In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, former press secretary to Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Marlin Fitzwater, said, “Howie knows all of your inner secrets (on Air Force One), when you can’t take the pressure, when you’re tired and crying and sleeping on the floor. . .The perception on the outside is always different from the inside.”

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Howie Franklin is currently the Director, Cape Fear Regional Jetport at Howie Franklin Field, dubbed "The Little Airport with the Big Heart."  He is past president and is currently a member Executive Board of Directors of the North Carolina Airports Association.  

Years of experience aboard Air Force One and managing an airport has made Howie an entertaining speaker and an expert on creating prosperity and outstanding customer service at a General Aviation airport.