I loved it, knowing both of you made it much better.  For the first book I have actually read in 40 years I found it relaxing and my wife, Martha, commented on how much it relaxed me to read.  My attention span is about as long as a Jack Russell Terrier puppy so the chapters were perfect length for me.  I could put the book down and would come back to it at least once a day to enjoy a chapter.  Howie did a wonderful job.

David Harrison

Great book.

Jean Gilbert Smith

Please pass on to Howie, “how much I enjoyed his book”!  I think he really nailed it! So proud of Howie, and blessed to have worked alongside him a few times.  I was always impressed by the way he could handle situations under pressure! I learned a lot from him, and always enjoyed my moments with him.  Give him my very best!

Frank Howard

I finished it yesterday.  Thoroughly enjoyed every page!!!! Howie’s kindness shone through every story.

Ann Mount

Great book, good reading.  I suggest everyone on Oak Island own one.

Cin Brochure

I sat by the pool and read it in one day.  Great book!!!! So proud of Howie, the author.

Brenda Williams-Denzer

Excellent book, I enjoyed reading it more than you will ever know.  Do another one!

Mack Anderson

Loved it!

Bobbie Williams

I loved Howie’s book! Excellent.

Janet Gibbons Gambino

Great read!!

Linda Vereen


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